What Can You Do With A Mini Excavator?

 Mini excavator hire is often a requirement from clients of plant hire companies when there is a digging task in front of them. Although a mini excavator is the perfect solution for this task, there are also mini excavator attachments that are available for hire, leading to a wider range of tasks that can be completed to a satisfactory level when using a mini excavator. You might be surprised to hear this, but if you are responsible for the plant hire contracts on a project or site and are looking for versatility and flexibility whilst controlling costs a mini excavator could be the solution to be more than just a digger.

Digging–You’ll most likely see mini excavators used in tight spaces on construction sites, primarily digging trenches, holes, and preparing foundations, removing materials and soil from certain areas before the next phase of construction takes place.

Demolition–A mini excavator is a good choice for a range of demolition projects. A bucket, grapple or clamp attachment can be added, allowing the operator to tear down structures, break concrete and demolish different types of structures that might otherwise be difficult to remove from site.

Clearing – On most construction sites there is an immediate need to clear away debris and maybe vegetation. A mini excavator can be used to quickly and efficiently clear away branches, shrubs, roots, rocks, dead trees, and other types of debris, using a grapple or a bucket attachment.

Grading and compaction–In most cases, grading and compaction requires a slow and laborious process involving skid steer loaders and compactors, but it can be done with a mini excavator too, if you use the right attachment. A ripper attachment can loosen the ground, followed by a grading or trenching bucket to grade the area in question.

Planting and setting – An auger is a fantastic excavator attachment that is used to best effect when setting posts or planting trees. It transforms your mini excavator into a machine that can set and plant in mere minutes. The spinning action of the auger can be modified to drill holes or to set specialised rods for those posts that require a deep hole.

Blaze trails–If you are looking to blaze a trail, for off-roading or hiking, you can use a mini excavator with a rake attachment and grading bucket. Utilising what we have seen above in clearing vegetation first, the excavator can then proceed to create trail markings and make a clear space and trail.

Now that you can see the many different possibilities that a mini excavator brings to your site and project, the next step is to make sure that you have the correct machinery and excavator attachments ready to use. Get in touch with your plant hire company of choice, the one with the best track record of success and the plethora of choices when it comes to their fleet of plant hire options. They have the expertise, the mini excavator that is right for you and can deliver to site and provide a fully maintained, up-to-date model that brings you success on site.

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