Should You Buy a New or Used Stairlift?

If you are struggling to get up and down stairs, then you may be looking at stairlifts as an option. But a stairlift can be a big investment, and maybe one you are worrying about how to afford. If you are looking to save money, a used stairlift can be one lower cost option, but is it worth the saving?

Buy used from a reputable dealer

Firstly, if you do go for a used stairlift, you should buy from a reputable dealer rather than someone selling privately. Find a provider of reconditioned stairlifts Solihull who can pick the right model, and even install it in your home. A reconditioned model will still be in great working order and have plenty of life in it, whereas one that’s come from someone’s home could be in any condition.

New stairlifts can offer more

There can be a few advantages to opting for a new model:

  • You get newer features
  • There’s less chance of a breakdown
  • Most come with a long warranty
  • You can choose little details like the style and colour

While a new stairlift costs more, if you are planning to use it for many years, it may be worth the investment. Why not get a quote and see if it costs less than you might think?

Stairlifts are something that can make a big improvement to your life with little effort. By fitting one in your home, you can get around so much more easily, and don’t have to rely on carers through the day.

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