Factors for renting cranes

For the owner of the construction project to reduce the time to get the return on investment and as a good budget management practice, it is advisable for them to hire rather than but heavy equipment for instance a crane. The owner of the construction or the construction manager should visit the Van Adrighem crane rental and place an order. However, for optimal results, there is a need to rent the right crane. This article provides some key tips to consider prior to leasing a crane.

Key Factors to Examine when Hiring Cranes at Adrighem


The construction manager should identify probable obstacles that could either make operations of the crane difficult or increase hazards at the work premises. The features to look out for are underground utilities, buildings, trees, power lines among others that could curtail the proper operations of specific types of cranes. For optimal results, the crane rental operator should access the site as well as assist in the selection of the right size crane that aligns with the job site and lifts the load.

Lift Technique

For safety and efficiency at the construction site, various loads require different lifting techniques. The specific type of crane is best suited for a particular lifting method. Some examples of load-lifting methods include vertical hitching, basket hitching along chocker lifting. Not to mention, each rigging method, has its set of pros and cons. Furthermore, when choosing a rental crane, make these considerations: the most ideal technique for lifting, the weight of the load, and type of load. It is worth noting that the crane rental provider should advise on the safest and the most suitable lifting method for a certain load type.

Choose a Package Deal

For the ideal operation of a specific crane, it is advisable to hire a crane operator. Notably, experienced as well as certified crane operators are not easily available. Hence, to minimize the stress of searching for an experienced crane operator, work with a company like Adrighem that not only leases the crane but also suggests or provides you with a contractor. This ideal package saves time and money.

Book the Crane in Advance

Whether the client is hiring the machine for the first time or subsequent time, to have peace of mind, one needs to book in advance prior to the time to execute the heavy lifting. It is also advisable for one to research the best crane rental companies near their locality. The purpose of booking in advance is to do away with the rush of going for the first crane rental firm that one gets which can result in bad service.


The construction manager should be aware of the type of load to be lifted before renting the machine. The various classification of load entails people, bulk materials, machinery, concrete items, among others. For maximum productivity, the construction manager should look for a crane with accessories to allow loads to be lifted efficiently along safely. Additionally, some cranes come with accessories for example an elevator while others come with compartments for carrying tools.

Obtain a lot of Bids

Numerous people who want to rent the crane end up hiring the wrong crane based on their needs since renting from the first company that they come across. The construction manager should take quality time and inspect different firms and see what they offer. To achieve this, the client needs to receive bids from many crane rental enterprises, then visit various rental businesses, investigate their equipment, and provide them with your quote. Also, the construction manager should work with an enterprise that has been in the industry for a long time enough to give the best service.

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